Play the Rules

Play the Rules

This is your life's biggest game. Shape your reality. Be a Game Changer

TWO – T, as in: Take A Breath, Be Whole

Charm Nr 12:
How to unlock the MAGIC around us

There are only two ways of living your life. One is as though NOTHING is a miracle. The other is as though EVERYTHING is a miracle

Albert Einstein

Charm Nr 13:
How to zoom in to where you are right NOW
Just BE in your present moment

Carpe Diem: seize the day – SURRENDER to the moment…


Rule 37

Rule 38

Rule 39

Charm Nr 14:
How to allow yourself to simply be HAPPY

The mirrors spell: SMILE to life & life will smile back

Popular wisdom

Rule 40

Charm Nr 15:
How to find PEACE. And keep it REAL

Peace comes from WITHIN. Do not seek it without


Rule 44

Charm Nr 16:
How anybody can SIMPLY meditate

The QUIETER you become, the more you can HEAR

Ram Dass

Rule 46

Rule 47

Rule 48

Charm Nr 17:
How you can (re)invent yourself

To FIND Yourself, THINK for Yourself


Rule 49

Charm Nr 18:
How to engage with your dreams, so that they can shape your reality

You do not need to awaken from (unrealistic) DREAMS.
You need to awaken from a (dreamless) REALITY

Charm Nr 19:
How to propel the power of “negative” thinking toward a positive change


Charm Nr 20:
How to live the brightest version of your life, and tackle any challenge with a light touch – and a badass smile on your face!

Aim for the MOON. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the STARS

Charm Nr 21:
How to accomplish more with less – Less time, less resources, and, for sure, less complications!

Keep it SIMPLE. Done is better than Perfect!

Charm Nr 22:
How to tap into your true, free, happy self.

Check-in with yourself: How are you doing?

Rule 66