Looking back since when You brought your light into our life, so much has happened – And yet it is a bit like time has got still since then. 

In a way it has: we have been intermittently “locked down” (however less “harsh” than the name would suggest) since roughly a year now, with ON (getting a bit “wild” in summer) and OFF (again “freezing” to place in winter).

You were not a “Corona baby” though – That is what they call babies born out of couples’ cosy confinement within their 4 walls since the lock-down started! 

Let’s be clear on that:

  • First of all, there were less than the usual “4 walls” around us when it all started (following a water leak around the year-end – while we were well away and literally on the other side of the world in New Zealand – and ensuing months of ghost-buster-style “mold-hunting” that saw a squad of dedicated craftsman tearing down most of our walls  – just to build them again then – well into spring);
Home crusade against the unruly mold…

  • And last but not least: You were actually conceived on the LAST days of FREEDOM, boldly defying all odds and what was about to come next: 
    • Germany got into its first reluctant lock-down on Monday, 16 March 2020. 
    • You were conceived on a bright Saturday, 14 March 2020. I still remember this because the next day, Your papa and I went snowboarding in Austria, an almost “eerie” experience on immaculate snow and quite empty slopes, just before that fun too was about to end on the week to come!
Empty road to Austria, just before the lock-down…
Winter wonderland: Still not believing it is just us!

Definitely! You are not a “Corona-Baby”. You are a Freedom-Baby, a celebration of the very last days of a world still open for the adventurers!
Nothing is as it used to be now. Since then, everything has been rewritten.

In fact, just before ALL this started, if somebody would have told me that You would be now in our life and that, following a tiny virus running globally amok, we would all be bracing ourselves in our own more or less cushy confinement, while waiting for all this to just go away and becoming a bit crazier by the day in the process… 

No way! I would have thought it a prank – Something out of some science fiction movie, not out of real life. Come on! That would be a bit too far fetched, don’t You think?

Well, You for ONE would have known better – Because no matter the obstacles ahead of You, You were doubtlessly determined to be here with us. No doubt, no fear, just LOVE! And yes, as a real WONDER, You made it!