Yes! Rising up to the challenge, Play the Rules has finally come to life also as a published book.
So why not turn the next page together?

Impressions from professional reviewers and bloggers…

Truly different…
…not only astute, but hard-hitting and funny, all at once… 
…a lively read that offers comic relief and concrete observations about the process of gaining more empowerment in life.

Midwest Book Review – Reviewer’s choice as book featured in the March 2021 issue of the California Bookwatch

A great book, with more wise words than I have read for a long time. 
I found it magical, uplifting, and an antidote to fear…


…combines humor and interesting personal stories with motivating self-help ideas that are aimed at shaking up the stereotypes [of living] that are so common most people never question them.

Union Square Review

…a wild ride filled with personal stories, thoughts & ideas of famous thinkers & doers all mingled with some good all fashioned motivational self-help and a lot of humor. Reading this out-of-the-ordinary self-help book will make you question how you are approaching life and its many decisions and obstacles.


…feeling inspired and rejuvenated by it
…filled with rules that break rules we are conditioned to follow and gives us a counterintuitive approach to things, which you will definitely find relatable and familiar!


…an amazing personal development book
…has a unique perspective
…geared toward empowering yourself, to be daring, get out of your comfort zone and get rid of the negative self talk. Being able to relate to her self-anecdotes really connects you to the author and you are able to absorb all the lessons she has to share and apply them to where they are best suited in your life.


…a book to maybe spark your motivation or give you that little extra push to make your dreams a reality.
…the common sense kick in the butt you need to start moving forward to where you want to be in life.


…uses her own experiences and human to help break down certain stereotypes that we are so used to living by that we don’t even question them
…If you’re not into self-help books, this may be the book for you…


…an excellent book to help get you to defeat yourself to become the person you want to be!
The person who doesn’t let fear get in the way of their dreams, or unplanned events to ruin your day.
Through personal anecdotes and pulled-out, pointed tidbits, Dr. Armillotta empowers readers to stop doubting themselves…


A unique self-help book that put a smile on my face…
…a great reminder of how you can be a better human and feel confident in yourself and your abilities.


I love your sense of humor and your attitude, and I’m feeling very inspired to take control of my life by not trying to take control of it anymore!
Each of those sections is indicative of the upbeat, playful vibe of the book, and each carries the message that this will be no ordinary journey for the reader.

Megan, Editor in Chief, from Turn The Page