Play the Rules

Play the Rules

This is your life's biggest game. Shape your reality. Be a Game Changer

Hi Beautiful. Great to have you here!

Play your life’s biggest game – As champion. Shape up your reality. This is how…

This is Play the Rules: The Blog – and now also a published Book! – that challenges OLD patterns, stereotypes and even the most unquestioned assumptions (the “Rules”), so that you can gain NEW perspectives.

Because why waiting to be “saved”, when you can empower yourself and be your own Champion instead?

There is no better moment than NOW to reboot your thoughts and give your day (and why not? Your life!) a fresh START.

This is your life’s biggest Game. And you are in charge!

  1. P = Play Your Own Rules. Be Empowered.
  2. T = Take A Breath. Be Whole.
  3. R = Reassess Your Choices. Be Free.

In short, P T R… Play the Rules!
These are the Magic 3.

This is your Coach. And You are just perfect.
Here you are definitely in the right place to see some action already.
And have some fun while catching the “rebel bug” too…

Welcome to the Play the Rules Club!

This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play

Alan Watts

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun

Katharine Hepburn

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist

Pablo Picasso

About THAT…

Have you wondered at the singular, moon-like symbol on top?

THAT is our emblem. The Ensō – A powerful Zen symbol traditionally drawn by a single, fluid, uninhibited stroke, as expression of a moment where the mind is clear.

In Zen, Ensō is a powerful symbol, drawn by a single, uninhibited brushstroke to express an instant where the mind is free

It stands in first line for freedom and creativity.
But its minimalism and slender beauty also emblematize much more: enlightenment, strength, elegance, connection, the universe, the circle of life and the void – All in one.

Once the Ensō is drawn, the artist does not change it.
It mirrors the character of its creator, leaving its spirit fully exposed in that brief, framed instant of time – A manifestation of one’s innermost self, letting go and… very pertinently for us here: daring to just be, and embrace the moment.

When the circle is open, it allows for flow, development and possibilities.
It relates the subtle “beauty of imperfection”, as the very unfinished lines and rough contours that leave it “incomplete” are also what make it uniquely beautiful.

So, that is our Ensō.
It shall stand up there for us, as unflinching reminder of the possibilities unfolding before us. And to look after us, as we embark on this adventure… Like a daring, complicit moon, bestowing its shiny smile on us from the starry sky.

After all, luck always favours the bold…

Embrace your adventure!

About THIS…

THIS is a unique space dedicated to keeping (and training!) an open mind.
Cultivate the art of a most rewarding life by staying curious.
Everything can be questioned.
Nothing is to be taken too seriously.

If you feel “daring” enough to challenge the norms, so that you can rewrite the unspoken patterns underpinning your life… There is no doubt: You certainly belong in the Play the Rules Club. 

The quest will take you through an unconventional journey. 
You will venture along counter-intuitive routes and unexplored pathways.

You will get a glimpse into a world beyond “rules”…
Where nothing is certain – Because everything is possible.

About US…

Together, we shall put senseless rules and outdated stereotypes to the test. Mercilessly.
And add a refreshing spin to each day. Unrepentantly.

Be mindful of your powers though: You are called to be the champion.
And the final “score” of the game is up to You.
This is your story.

The only question is: 
Are you ready to play the lead role in your life biggest game?

Ready? And… Action!
And off you go… Wait! The dog comes too?

Let’s do this!
You can mark a new chapter. Today.

So what’s now?

Play 1 Rule A Day = Keep the Bore Away!

These are the tips and tricks of a lawyer, who got tired of playing by the book. And decided to write one instead…

Here is how it all started – With a CHALLENGE….

Once upon a time…

And here is how it works – The GAME…

Let the sky be your only limit… 


High five, pal! Just do not let go of the other hand, OK?

Curious and want to know more?
No problem.
Let’s connect!
We can take it from there.

No problem! I have got you…

Behind the Scenes…

And in case you still want… More!
Well, I shall not leave you unsated.
So here you go: An exclusive glimpse of what is happening “Behind the Scenes” – Where nobody is usually looking.

These are real-time insights from my life, while on my quest of creating this blog, for you.