Play the Rules

Play the Rules

This is your life's biggest game. Shape your reality. Be a Game Changer

The Start

Once upon a time…

They told me my book would be too “unique” the way I envisioned it, the language still “unpolished”, my dream too “ambitious”… 

Ok. Bluntly put, the actual words were:

From a book production perspective, your book is a highly complex one. It is long, which means it costs more on the editorial front; the colour images you want cost more to print and involve significantly more design time to lay out. You have a great message, but the manuscript needs to be polished1

But doesn’t luck always favour the bold?

After giving it some thought, the magnitude of it just struck me. Like a sudden lightning against the darkness of a thunderstorm, clearing the sky just long enough to transform everything: 

Wait a sec… Are they saying that THIS does not “fit in the box” of the expected book for an expected audience?

This is great!
I did not need more encouragement.

Challenge accepted!

Truly, I might have been thinking too “small” by just planning a “traditional” book2
No way I could turn down such a chance!
That first feedback was all I needed to reset my goal.
And think “bigger”…

Living up to its daring title, Play the Rules shall be more than a book.

No censorship. No boundaries… The best things in life are free.

It shall come to life as a free blog too, so that its message can spread beyond financial boundaries or censorship, reaching out to and connecting even more of us.

So here is the bet.

Play the Rules shall withstand conventional allegiances – And open the way towards new paradigms and possibilities…

I shall connect other still “unmatched” free spirits out there, so that we can stand up for ourselves. With our unique originality. Always with pride.

Because ask yourself this:

Why fitting in, when we can stand out?
Let’s own our originality… Let’s dare being outstanding!

Let’s show that we do not need to bend to stereotypes and find our “tiny orderly place” in the world while patiently awaiting “acceptance” to be acknowledged.
We shall make our own authentic voice heard above the “buzz”.

Be yourself. Because everybody else is taken.
Dare to be different.

  1. By the way, in case you are wondering… Or not – Lol: I might still go ahead and publish the book anyway. Free spirits have always met with censorship. So we shall never stop believing in ourselves!
    The end game is still on. There might be more surprises coming up…
    — Stay tuned for this… Link to follow-up
    At the end luck always favours the bold! 

  2. Little “disclaimer” here: That feedback was absolutely accurate… This is all “raw”, uncut, uncensored material… The ideas presented are indeed not the “conventional” ones… And that is exactly the whole point. So be warned! You shall read it at your own “risk” – Lol. I can tell you as much: being Italian and (just to “spice” things up even more!) having completed my law studies in France, been a trainee in Belgium and living now in Germany, the English here (or voilá! A “Cosmopolitan” of all the above, please) is as good as it get now… No point being a perfectionist.
    … Ok, give me a break – I am willingly taking one for the team here – And if you shall laugh at it, good! Life is better anyway when we do not always take ourselves too seriously.
    And simply have fun.