Play the Rules

Play the Rules

This is your life's biggest game. Shape your reality. Be a Game Changer

The Game

Let the sky be your only limit… 

Play the Rules is no ordinary game. This is your life’s biggest game.
Because your life is your most valuable gift. 
Your time is your most precious asset.
And your purpose is to apply your time to honour that gift. 

There is no doubt:
Here is the place. Now is the time. 

There is never turning back. Only moving forwards…
So, be mindful. With each breath, you have a choice. What happens next, is only up to you…

The question is:
Are you ready to play the lead role in your life biggest game?

The Blueprint

Like in every game, we need a plan. That is our blueprint here, laying out the chart to keep the course of our journey…
Better be prepared… Because You are in the pilot’s seat!

The Magic 3…

This journey will be unlike any other. The coordinates are not fixed, geographical points – But inwards “truths”.
And they move with us, as we progress in our game.

These are our Magic 3. The whole game revolves around them…

3 Enchantments (1 x 3)

The Magic 3 are spelled out in 3 Enchantments. They set the “theme” of the game. And each marks a stage of our progression.

These 3 Enchantments define the very epitome of Play the Rules…

P, As in: Play Your Own Champion.
Be Empowered.

T, As in: Take A Breath. 
Be Whole.

R, As in: Reassess Your Choices.
Be Free.

In short, P T R…
And just like that, from the Magic 3 – Play the Rules was born.

33 Charms (11 x 3)

  • In turn, each one of the 3 Enchantments will take us through 11 Charms. That makes 33 Charms in total, for the whole game.
  • Any single Charm calls on a particular “ability” we need to master in order to build up our character, so that we can progress from one level to the next.

99 Rules (33 x 3)

  • While the Charms give you a vision – the goal you can reach by enhancing your own abilities,
  • the Rules give you a way – the “tips and bits” of inspiration that keeps you going.
If you really want to do something, you’ll always find a way.
If not, you’ll find an excuse.

For example:

  • Our 1st Charm’s goal is about facing fear. Succeeding in it means gaining a key ability.
  • So, the 3 Rules under that Charm are going to lay bare some tricks on how you can do that.

You got it!

  • For each Charm, there are 3 Rules. Of course, for the sake of our “numerical harmony”… Sorry – I have let myself carried far enough on this already, so I could not “ruin” everything now, could I? Lol.
  • There are 33 Rules for each Enchantment, or stage of our game. So, no worries: there is no shortage of tricks, even for the most daring and ambitious players!
Independence means “inward” dependence.
Trust your inner compass…

Play the Rules… “by” the Rules?

You might have been wondering: A game called “Play the Rules”… Does it mean that you play “by” the rules, or that you play “around” the rules? Is something missing?1.

Well, so it would seem… But maybe not by accident. And that is exactly the point of the game. Provoke to think. Especially beyond mere appearances…

The interpretation reveals much more about the interpreter than the object. You are free to play as you see fit. To each its own, so you can pick whatever that is that intrigues you most!
– Those who see themselves as “rules maker”, on the one hand, naturally might be more inclined to play “by” the rules.
Because they can recognise their goals through them all along.
– Those who see the “rules” as challenges, on the other hand, might want to “conquer” the end-game by playing “around” them.
Because the same rules can be completely arbitrary, even unfit, when out of context.

Ultimately, playing the rules can mean playing with stereotypes, patterns and commonplaces that keep you from realising your full potential.
But it can also mean playing to create your own better version of the game.
There is never just one truth…
Everything can be game!

Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world.
Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves.
All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people

George Bernard Shaw

Game’s up

There is no end limit to playing the game. You set the pace.
One neat way to go about it is to dedicate each day to Play one Rule. 

But you can go faster, acing it through the game, or slower, taking your time to savour the moment…

Whatever the pace, the most important thing is to stay mindful. 

  • For the “fast and eager” among us
    → Don’t forget to relish each win – Make it count.
  • For the “more leisurely ones” 
    → No matter what – Never surrender.

Now, you are ready. Game’s up!
May the challenge begin…

Yes. That’s the spirit I shall see in you!
Be unstoppable.

  1. If you are ready to dive deeper into this question, just jump here – You are welcome!